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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A New Mantra for McLaren – Emulate Ferrari

It is a fact that Ferrari captured the market and the global attention through its popular road cars, something that even McLaren boss Ron Dennis cannot deny. Ron Dennis during the Autosport Awards revealed his company’s desire to follow Ferrari’s suit to build more road cars. He said this would mean their exclusive F1 deal with Mercedes would come to an end, but he still contemplates on his new plan.

Mclaren MP4

The McLaren boss mentioned Mercedes-Benz as one of their best partners and lauded the company for their efforts. He said McLaren has always been very clinical in choosing its partners, and believes it has made the right decision at the right time.

Dennis who received a lifetime achievement award, also said that he is delighted for the Mercedes and the Brawn GP team of the future and that they are extremely supportive of solving problems with Brawn. He also discarded the rumor that he would return to the race team next season and that his priority is now in bringing out a road car division of McLaren.

Mclaren MP4 12C

When asked about his F1 comeback, Dennis said that his role in active F1 is over, but said he would definitely be part of the sport as a spectator but never from the pit walls.

With McLaren clearly defining the new boundaries it plans to explore, we can expect to see a whole new class of McLaren sports cars in the near future. McLaren has brought out MP4-12C, the first of many from McLaren.

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